Trevor Henningsen

Mr. Henningsen 5th and 6th grade
math and social studies

Teacher Profile:

I have been at Plymell for the past 5 years and have enjoyed every second of it! On top of teaching 5th and 6th grade I supervise the STUCO program for our 5th and 6th grade students.  Through STUCO the students put on community service and school improvement projects.  I also help with the Panther Bank which is done in cooperation with First National Bank allowing students to set up a savings account and learning the importance of saving for the future.  I believe that every student is capable of succeeding in and outside of the classroom.  We focus on in-depth instruction in the classroom as well as building leadership skills in students to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond!

6th Grade Math Challenge!


Current social studies content:

5th Grade: Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, leading into the American Revolutionary War 


6th Grade: Ancient India, studying the religion and culture of Ancient India and the Indus Valley.  Students will also do a dance with Mrs. Johnson